Would You Like a Boost?

If you’ve ever bought a drink from places like Jamba Juice, you’ve undoubtedly been asked the question, “would you like a boost?” In other words, they were asking you if you wanted some vitamin or mineral supplementation in your beverage. In this article, we’ll learn about several types of highly nutritive oils that can be added to a carrier oil blend to enhance certain properties.

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You Don’t Know Jack Pine!

I discovered a new essential oil recently: Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana). In this article we’ll learn more about it and why it makes a good addition to your arsenal of oils. The first time I took a whiff of Jack Pine, I was reminded of old wooden furniture and wooden toys. This oil has a strong woody scent to it, a bit heavier than Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). It has a nostalgic quality to it, IMO.

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Aromatherapy Has Gone To The Dogs!

I recently sent out a survey asking my subscribers what aromatherapy topics they are interested in reading about. At least one respondent indicated they were interested in learning how to use essential oils with pets. I need to disclose upfront that pet aromatherapy is outside of my scope of practice and so I am not qualified to administer essential oils to anyone but humans. However, if a subscriber says that a certain topic is important, then I’m going to do my best to provide the information he or she needs.

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Why Would You DILUTE Something Good For You? I’ll Give You 5 Reasons.

A significant portion of my practice is educating consumers on safe aromatherapy techniques. We all know essential oils are highly concentrated substances derived from plants. It seems counter-intuitive to dilute something that is all-natural and healthy. In this article I’ll give you five reasons why diluting essential oils is in your best interest.

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What You Don’t Know About Essential Oils Can Burn You. Literally.

If you’ve been reading my blog articles for any length of time, by now you know where I stand on essential oils. I think they are incredible extracts of nature, but at the same time need to be treated with respect. In this article you’ll read about how using essential oils irresponsibly can burn you.

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