What You Don’t Know About Essential Oils Can Burn You. Literally.

If you’ve been reading my blog articles for any length of time, by now you know where I stand on essential oils. I think they are incredible extracts of nature, but at the same time need to be treated with respect. In this article you’ll read about how using essential oils irresponsibly can burn you.

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It’s Practically the Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils

One of the most prominent essentials oil is, by far, the Mighty Lavender. Its botanical name is lavandula angustifolia and it also exists as lavandula officianalis, lavandula latifoli and lavandula stoechas. It’s likely the most versatile oil because of the variety of problems it treats.

Rene Maurice Gattefosse treated burn injuries he’d sustained from an explosion at the laboratory where he worked using the lavender essential oil he had on hand. He observed that the lavender oil reduced the trauma while speeding up the healing process. And thus a new branch of therapy began. He named it aromatherapie in 1937.

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