Aromatherapy Has Gone To The Dogs!

I recently sent out a survey¬†asking my subscribers what aromatherapy topics they are interested in reading about. At least one respondent indicated they were interested in learning how to use essential oils with pets. I need to disclose upfront that pet aromatherapy is outside of my scope of practice and so I am not qualified to administer essential oils to anyone but humans. However, if a¬†subscriber says that a certain topic is important, then I’m going to do my best to provide the information he or she needs.

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Just Because Bill Clinton Didn’t Inhale, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

In a previous blog article, I talked about the three main routes of essential oil administration. Inhalation is by far the fastest route because it is the most direct. The molecules of the oil gain quick access to the bloodstream and within 21 minutes, the molecules will have been distributed throughout the entire body. With topical application, the process takes longer.

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