Would You Like a Boost?

If you’ve ever bought a drink from places like Jamba Juice, you’ve undoubtedly been asked the question, “would you like a boost?” In other words, they were asking you if you wanted some vitamin or mineral supplementation in your beverage. In this article, we’ll learn about several types of highly nutritive oils that can be added to a carrier oil blend to enhance certain properties.

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Why Would You DILUTE Something Good For You? I’ll Give You 5 Reasons.

A significant portion of my practice is educating consumers on safe aromatherapy techniques. We all know essential oils are highly concentrated substances derived from plants. It seems counter-intuitive to dilute something that is all-natural and healthy. In this article I’ll give you five reasons why diluting essential oils is in your best interest.

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Cure the Agony of D’Feet in 3 Easy Steps

Our feet take a lot of daily abuse. Women walking around in high heels, guys wearing construction boots, people wearing flip-flops all day long, etc. These things take their toll.

Our busy lives leave little time for self-care. Plus, the skincare market is very much geared towards women. Men have fewer options and invest less time, money and effort towards skincare.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, a city where flip-flops and sandals are acceptable footwear almost year-round. Even in the wintertime. So I’ve seen my share of cracked and nasty feet. Mostly guys, although neither gender is immune to foot damage.

In this article, I will provide tips and techniques on restoring your dry, cracked and nasty feet using essential oils and other natural materials, most of which you already have at home. Guys, you’ll definitely want to read on. Ladies, nod your head if you’ve ever had a romantic moment ruined by some dude’s cracked heels.

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NEATness Doesn’t Always Count

There’s a certain four-letter word in aromatherapy: NEAT. It’s not an acronym. It simply means applying essential oils to the skin undiluted. When I first got started with essential oils, I didn’t know that they should be diluted in a carrier oil before application. So typical of me to read the instructions after the fact.

In this article we’re going to talk about the risks involved with applying essential oils NEAT to the skin.

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